Upper Yarra Landcare

Welcome to Upper Yarra Landcare




Mission Statement

  • To raise environmental awareness about introduced species in the area and target weed eradication
  • To create a fun social atmosphere at each gathering
  • To promote community spirit and connection
  • To equip participants with knowledge about flora and fauna identification and conservation
  • To monitor and maintain healthy waterways
  • To invite environmental specialists to teach about relevant issues in the area.

 What is Landcare ? 

Landcare brings the community together to learn, identify and address local issues relating to land and water. It also encourages good management and appreciation of natural resources. 

How can Landcare benefit me ?

If you become a member of Upper Yarra Landcare, you will be able to work with other members on projects to benefit land. So if you have land management work that needs to be done on your property, together we can organise working bees or apply for grants to assist you, if you are eligible.